Product Description

Affordable and tough, the Rebound Discs are designed to be part of every bowlers lawn bowls kit. They are just as important as a set of bowls because without the ability to develop ones skills, a bowler will stagnate and never reach his or her full potential as a bowler.

The Rebound Disc Practice System is compact and easily transportable. It should be a constant companion of every bowler — invaluable to bowlers who wish to perfect specific shots as they develop their skills. Bowlers can now take control of their own development with the assistance of the Rebound Discs!

In your busy schedule, you allocate an hour to practice your bowling; you set up a head, bowl to it, and frustratingly waste 30% of your allocated time, walking up and down the green to repair the head. Enter the REBOUND DISC, and all of a sudden you have the freedom to bowl for that entire hour. Maximize your practice time and, importantly, achieve what you set out to do… Practice!

The Rebound Disc Practice System is available in sets of six (6), eight (8), ten (10) and twelve (12).

And they’re delivered direct to your door!

The sets are devised for the occasional bowler, the competitive bowler, the coach and the club.